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 How to Simplify Your Goal Setting Without Adding Stress
Life's too short to have regrets. A lack of planning out your life vision leaves room for more chaos and stress. 

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Jumpstart your 2018
Back to Basics Webinar: Jumpstart 2018! Get Clarity, Make a Plan, Feel Joy  
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Get Clarity: Break Through The Mental Sludge 
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Feel Joy: Get Back to Basics
Connie Sokol
Author, Mentor, Mother of 7
About Your Host:
As a bestselling author, media personality, and mother of seven, I've dealt with difficulties too, while trying to plaster a smile and do life as if all was going swimmingly. 

But after being sick of being stuck, I figured out how to deal with ANY life difficulty in real-time, and real ways, and still feel real joy. With seven kids!  

These 8 simple principles in What Now? work fast and move you through life's challenges with clarity and support.
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